Minutes to Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Greenwood County, Ninety Six, South Carolina

June 13, 2006

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:                 Mr. Butch Cobb

Dr. William Long                                                                     

                                    Mr. Sam Corley

                                    Mr. Rodney Smith

                                    Dr. Andy Owings


NOTICE TO MEDIA:  The Ninety Six Star, The Index Journal, and WCRS Radio

were notified of the time, date, place and agenda of the meeting.


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Cobb

followed by Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.


AFFIRMATION OF AGENDA:  A motion was made by Dr. William Long, seconded by Dr. Andy Owings to approve the agenda as presented.  All were in favor.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  A motion was made by Dr. William Long, seconded by Mr. Rodney Smith, to approve the minutes of the May 9, 2006 meeting and the May 17, 2006 meeting with an amendment.  All were in favor.




Dr. Andy Owings was recognized at this time for his service to the district as a Board of

Trustee member.


Mr. David Vickery – field trip request:  Mr. Vickery is requesting approval for two overnight trips.  The first trip is for the band and chorus to New York City,

April 3-8, 2007 for students in the 7th – 12th grades.  The second trip request is for the All-State Band Clinic at Furman University on March 9-11, 2007 for students in grades 7th-12th. 


A motion was made by Dr. William Long, seconded by Mr. Rodney Smith, to approve the overnight trip request with definite details to be presented at a later date.  All were in favor.


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Board Meeting

June 13, 2006


Ninety Six Elementary School Math Initiative Program:  Math PACT scores are rising slowly or not at all.  The Math and Science unit of the SC Department of Education developed the Coaching Initiative program to improve these scores.  The coach for the Ninety Six Elementary School was Donna Gunderson.  The vision statement is to become a community of learners joined in a partnership committed to a higher level of student achievement in mathematics.  The mission of the Math Coach Initiative is to improve mathematics instruction and student performance through a collaborative partnership between the math coach and the elementary school faculty and staff.  The goal is to implement a school-wide math curriculum that meets both the challenge of state standards and the characteristics of exemplary programs by using the process standards to teach the content standards, commit to a school wide curriculum sequence, and to implement the Math Out of the Box strands as they are developed.  An on-going professional development program was developed to further mathematical pedagogy and content knowledge.  Assessment strategies to reflect on student understanding and classroom instruction were developed.  A school-wide instructional material support system was maintained.  An awareness of the Math Coach Initiative for the educational community was developed.  After three years of this program all three grade levels’ scores have improved on the math PACT test.


McMillan, Smith & Associates:  The architectural firm is seeking input from the Board of Trustees on the next step for building a new high school.  The board is in agreement on the general footprint of the building plan, but is interested in seeking ways to cut cost and stay within the guidelines of the state standards.  It is suggest, at this time, the architectural firm begin meeting with the high school administration, faculty and staff for to receive their input of needs for a new facility.


Ross, Sinclair presentation:  Mr. Puthoff began this segment by stating the property tax relief legislation is set for passage and within this legislation is a component dealing with the installment purchase method of financing schools.  The district has looked at this method, formally called the Greenville Model.  A representative from Ross, Sinclair is available to discuss the installment purchase method along with Theo DuBose, Bond Counselor.


The intent is to come up with the optimal financial method for building a new facility.  There are basically two options (1) a referendum and (2) installment revenue bonds.  A referendum is asking voters to approve the issuance of money in bonds for the building project.  The installment plan allows the school district to form a partnership with a non-profit corporation that will issue bonds on behalf of the school district.  The school district then purchases the facility from the non-profit corporation incrementally over a period of approximately 24 years.  If the installment plan is to be the financing method for this project, the process must be begun by September in order to have a contract signed before December 31st.




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Board Meeting

June 13, 2006


RHONDA MCDOWELL/TITLE 1 APPROVAL:  The FY07 allocation is $147,898.43 with a FY06 carryover of $24,498.57, for a total FY07 funding of

$172,397.00.  Proposed expenses are 1.5 teachers, 2 teacher assistants, computer lab hardware lease, supplies/materials, and professional development.


A motion was made by Dr. Andy Owings, seconded by Dr. William Long, to approve the Title 1 project as presented.  All were in favor.


FINANCE – MR. DAVID PUTHOFF:  Monthly financial information was mailed to board members for their review.  Information from County Council on the maintenance of local effort is still pending.  It is anticipated the district will be able to add to the fund balance at the end of the fiscal year.


PERSONNEL – MR. DAVID PUTHOFF:  An executive session is requested for personnel.


EXECUTIVE SESSION:  It was the consensus of the board members to enter into executive session to discuss personnel and contractual matters.


GENERAL SESSION:  It was the consensus of the board members to enter into general session. 


All board members were in agreement on the following:


The funds generated through the sale of the house that was donated by Dr. Andy and

Mrs. Laura Owings, in the amount of $36,493.59, are to be put in a separate account at the bank to draw interest.  Money allocated for school projects will be approved by

Dr. Andy and Mrs. Laura Owings. In the event that something should happen to

Dr. Andy and Mrs. Laura, Matthew Owings and Butch Cobb will designate the use of the funds.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.